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  • Beware timeshare sales persons. Anyone offering free car hire, free tours, free breakfasts or something that seems too good to be true probably is. These guys and girls will earn a hefty commission for each person who agrees to their offer. Normally the freebies are legitimate but to claim them you'll have to sit through several hours of high pressure sales. Not the most relaxing way to enjoy your vacation in Cancun.

  • There will be people offering trolleys to help with your luggage. These should be free but the porters will try to claim a couple of dollars for their use. The average person in Mexico earns a pittance, maybe $100 a week. Imagine how much money these porters make at $2 a time when their are hundreds of people flowing through the airport each day. Don't fuel the greed.

  • Be prepared to have your luggage passed through an X ray machine. This is harmless and will reduce the number of manual checks necessary. If you are flying in from the UK then expect that all luggage will be hand searched - for some reason the Mexicans are still in fear of Mad Cow Disease.

  • Mexican Roulette. On entry you'll be asked to press a button which randomly gives you a green or red light. Green light for go, red light for luggage hand search. Rumor has it that every ninth person gets the red, this is yet to be proven though!

  • Wear comfortable clothes. It may have been next to freezing when you left but when you arrive in Cancun chances are you'll be looking at 80 degrees plus. Heavy overcoats and long pants are no fun while waiting for your luggage.

  • The only thing you should stop for immediately after you pass customs is the free booklet 'Cancun Tips'. Often ladies wearing Mexican national dress will be handing these out. They are chock full of discount vouchers, maps and handy hints and phone numbers.

  • There will be a hundred and one people asking if you need transport. If you have booked Cancun airport transfers through USA Transfers then there will be a guy waiting with a sign bearing your name.

  • Smile and be friendly. You may have had a long flight but when on foreign turf you are an ambassador for your country. A cheerful 'Hola' to the airport staff will leave a good impression.