Dont forget your passport when visiting Cancun

Cancun is Mexico's vision of paradise. Situated in the beautiful Caribbean Sea it's white powder sand and crystal clear blue waters entice millions of people to enjoy their vacations here every year.

With vibrant nightlife, boasting some of the best nightclubs in the world, Cancun can be as quiet or as loud as you want it to be. Ecological parks, ancient Mayan ruins, watersports and thousands of restaurants - it's difficult not to have a good time in Cancun.

However, with every vacation comes planning and preparation. Here at we aim for you to have one less worry by clearing up the answer to an often asked question.

Do I need a passport for Cancun?

This used to be probably the most frequently repeated question asked on my Cancun message board, and one that was not always straightforward to answer. Given that Cancun draws it's visitors from across the globe, requirements differ from country to country.

However, for US visitors, despite the stop start legislation and suspensions and backdating the definitive answer is that if you are from the US and visiting Mexico by air then you will need a passport.

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